How to solve the local news crisis? Look it up in the library.


Libraries and local journalism have a lot in common. They both provide insight, bind a community together and, of course, serve information needs.

A Survival Kit For Journalists Of Colour

Michael Grant working on the Toolkit for Journalists of Color in Stanford’s Green Library

From quick fire, in-the-moment responses for everyday racist microaggressions, to deliberative exercises that help you build community and recruit allies in the newsroom, the Toolkit for Journalists of Color is designed to help us survive in predominantly white newsrooms.

Announcing a new journalism entrepreneurship boot camp: Let’s “reboot the media” together


I’m looking for a few passionate reporters to help me pilot the program.

Love and Tech: Leading Disruptive Design

IT Date

Most people would not put the words “IT Department” and “dating” in the same sentence. But it’s the unusual approach of Stanford’s that led me and my team to that unlikely combination.

15 (more) things I learned at Stanford the year I set out to change my life

Imperfect but beautiful!

Today, as I’m about to finish up my academic year-long fellowship, what’s on my mind is my path to discovery of my passion.

JSK Fellowships names Class of 2018-19

JSK Fellows, Class of 2018-19

A diverse group of journalism innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world will make up the 2018-2019 class of John S. Knight (JSK) Journalism Fellows at Stanford University.