Digging Data to Grow Audience


The problem inside many news organizations is that they are so hyper-focused on trying to figure out who their existing users are that they totally ignore potential users.

Rejections forced me to work harder to make Sahar Speaks a reality

Sahar Speaks presentation

On a more positive note, I was surprised by the sheer number of people who wanted to help. This was key to keeping the idea alive.

Everything is illuminated

Daniela Pinheiro

As a JSK Fellow, everything you think about yourself, your work, your capacity to learn, to experiment — everything is disrupted.

Human-centered design helps media help refugee camp youth

Interview with a Shatila resident in a local shop

2013 JSK Fellows Mariam Semaan and Attila Mong working on a media project for young people in Shatila camp in Lebanon describe how they used the method to understand refugees' needs.

How a data expert deals with tech brain meltdown

Matadero Trail

Seeing the rise of "machine learning" techniques from the classroom isn't just an amazing insight into possible software futures, it's a window into how other disciplines are exploiting new technologies.

U.S. JSK Journalism Fellows named for 2016-17

The 2016-17 U.S. John S. Knight Journalism Fellows

“We’re pleased to be working with talented fellows who will be forging new solutions to important challenges facing journalism," said JSK Managing Director Dawn Garcia.