Rural newsrooms don’t have to struggle in solitude


Newspaper closures and consolidation over the past 15 years have created “news deserts” where there are inadequate journalism resources to properly cover local governments. The trend threatens the bond between news organizations and their communities.

Empathy is at the core of good design

Design Thinking

Empathy should also be at the core of good journalism

Not Gonna Lie, I’m Kinda Scared.

Mighty Woman

As I wrap an amazing year as a JSK Fellow at Stanford, I find myself thinking again and again of one of my favorite “you got this” anthems, Lily Allen’s Sheezus.

The toll of online ads

Ad free graph

The problem, as I saw it, is that online advertising takes a greater toll on our lives than it generates in ad revenue for publishers. And everything I’ve researched this past year has confirmed that to be true.

What happens when English language learners meet English language podcasts?


News podcasts and English language learners don’t seem to talk to each other often. They don’t hang out in the same places, and so it’s unlikely they would date but if they did, they’d create sparks.

Exploring Collaborative Journalism


I wanted to talk to as many people as possible who were interested in collaboration or already doing collaborative projects. I want to know what’s working, what’s not and what needs to be better.