When You Can’t Escape the Road

Juan Pablo Meneses

Los Angeles Times Review of Books interview with JSK Fellow Juan Pablo Meneses.

Lessons in inclusive hiring: what I’ve learnt

Workplace diversity

It’s time consuming, labour intensive, and a constant work in progress.

A New Model for Medium


There is a need for platform such as Medium. Its only way up is monetizing quality using a two-sided, paid-for system.

Reading comics, reading for pleasure & why it matters


Comics let me jump into worlds where I can stay submerged for hours: no need to come back up for the practical things like air and discourse.

We say we don’t hate our audiences. Our mobile strategies suggest otherwise.

Examples of mobile UX

Some people’s phones are filled with photos of their families, of their friends, of beautiful landscapes, of adorable pets. My phone is a museum of rage-inducing mobile experiences.

Facebook’s walled wonderland is inherently incompatible with news


Setting aside the need to fix its current PR nightmare, Facebook has no objective interest in fixing its fake stories problem.