Journalism has a huge management problem

NICAR session

One way we can better manage and support journalists with technical skills is to help their managers.

10 Panels From This Year’s International Journalism Festival #IJF18 in Perugia You Should Watch

IJF18 Panel

The entire festival was live-streamed and all the videos are available online.

The thing about FOMO, FUD, and FOJI is YOLO

Being at Stanford, a buzz of activity, I’ve realized that everyone is doing something all the time. It’s also a place with a lot of acronyms and shorthand lingo.

Local news needs to slow down its pace

Paw Patrol

It took a children’s video game to help me to figure this out.

20 (more) things I learned at Stanford the year I set out to change my life

Lisa Rossi in ContentCube video

This fellowship provides world-class professional growth opportunities. But personal growth is a huge part of the experience too.

Dreaming of making a documentary? Ten challenges to deal with before mortgaging your house


Some basic advice, particularly focusing on the current affairs and investigative documentary categories drawing on journalism..