Potential FCC move could decrease number of local journalists across America

Broadcast tower

TVNewsCheck today reports the latest in a series of moves that is reshaping local television — and along with it local journalism.

6 things I learned about journalism  —  and myself  —  after visiting my hometown in rural Iowa

Town welcome sign

I spoke with my longtime colleagues and friends about how the business model for local news is broken.

It’s not fake news, but that doesn’t mean it matters

Stop the Tax Foreclosures

Outlier, supported by the Jim Bettinger Innovation Fund, texts high-value information to Detroiters with a focus on renters.

Why supporting NABJ today is an investment in the future of journalism


Thousands gather in New Orleans this week for the annual convention

Frédéric Filloux named JSK Senior Research Fellow to combat online misinformation

Frédéric Filloux

Filloux will address the growing problem of misinformation on the web by developing a working prototype of his News Quality Scoring Project, which seeks to surface quality journalism using algorithms and machine learning.

How the collaborative culture of OpenNews inspires better journalism


Journalists and technologists gather at SRCCON to learn from each other.