FOIA Machine joins MuckRock to make government more open for everyone

FOIA Machine

By working together all users will benefit. FOIA Machine and MuckRock will share the same codebase. As improvements are made to one tool they will more easily be developed for the other.

A model for dealing with ad blockers

Monte Carlo

First, value your audience. Then think about how to treat them.

News media missed the “small” stories and lost the big picture

Parachuting in

How can we make sure that we don’t keep repeating the same mistake? Collaboration.

If you’re serious about news, you need to be serious about mobile

Washington Posts on mobile screenshots

The Post would rightly reject any suggestion that it is of low editorial quality. And yet the screenshots of the Post’s article pages on mobile hew much closer to what you would expect of a “tabloid”, in the pejorative sense.

Standing Rock, from Stanford

No DAPL protestor

A young Native American man stood on the outdoor stage before a melancholy crowd at Stanford’s White Memorial Plaza on Thursday evening. He tilted his head back and broke the silence with a shriek.

United, if (respectfully) divided

Political See-Saw

To cherish each other we must strive to understand each other.