The News Quality Scoring Project: Surfacing Great Journalism From The Web

Knight Prototype Fund Projects

The NQS project I started at Stanford this year is part of a series of new initiatives aimed at tackling misinformation.

How can we offer millennials more engaging ways to consume international news in Japan?

Umbrella Revolution

The smell was getting stronger and I couldn’t open my eyes. I heard someone screaming. “Help me, Help me…”

What´s the purpose of journalism? Impact. Three lessons on how to measure it.

New York City

Reach is still the main incentive in newsrooms: clicks, print run, the market share. Let´s be honest. Focusing on nothing but reach is not only one sided, it’s also misleading.

For Local Audio News, No More Free Rides

Sound Effect Podcast

We’re now asking listeners to do something they’ve never had to do before: seek out, and pay for, local audio news as a stand-alone product.

Rural newsrooms don’t have to struggle in solitude


Newspaper closures and consolidation over the past 15 years have created “news deserts” where there are inadequate journalism resources to properly cover local governments. The trend threatens the bond between news organizations and their communities.

Empathy is at the core of good design

Design Thinking

Empathy should also be at the core of good journalism