We say we don’t hate our audiences. Our mobile strategies suggest otherwise.

Examples of mobile UX

Some people’s phones are filled with photos of their families, of their friends, of beautiful landscapes, of adorable pets. My phone is a museum of rage-inducing mobile experiences.

Facebook’s walled wonderland is inherently incompatible with news


Setting aside the need to fix its current PR nightmare, Facebook has no objective interest in fixing its fake stories problem.

What I’ve learnt from life changing class at Stanford D.school

d.life exercise

“Write your eulogy by next Monday! Please take this seriously, otherwise your partner will be unable to work!” That was my first task in a Stanford University class.

Goodbye, Democracy

Ohio newspaper of yore.

Local media and the Age of Trump

FOIA Machine joins MuckRock to make government more open for everyone

FOIA Machine

By working together all users will benefit. FOIA Machine and MuckRock will share the same codebase. As improvements are made to one tool they will more easily be developed for the other.

A model for dealing with ad blockers

Monte Carlo

First, value your audience. Then think about how to treat them.