U.S. JSK Journalism Fellows named for 2016-17

The 2016-17 U.S. John S. Knight Journalism Fellows

“We’re pleased to be working with talented fellows who will be forging new solutions to important challenges facing journalism," said JSK Managing Director Dawn Garcia.

Creative writing is also an essential journalism tool

Tobias Wolff's creative non-fiction class

In the world today, writing that draw readers, writing con brio, is more critical than it has ever been to journalism.

Dawn Garcia named next JSK director

Dawn Garcia

After 15 years with program, managing director ascends to new leadership role.

International JSK Journalism Fellows named for 2016-17

International JSK Fellows 2017

“This is an outstanding group of international fellows,” said JSK Director James Bettinger. “They’re going to have a significant impact for years to come.”

Something better than a JSK Fellowship? (Hint) it starts with JSK and ends with ‘Affiliate’

Jonathan Grotenstein at Stanford

It’s a little like summer camp, if summer camp were an international coterie of passionate, whip-smart super-achievers scrambling to milk as much as they can out of a year.

How to best understand Silicon Valley? Send your kid to school in Palo Alto!

After School Drawing

You can meet with startup founders and have coffee with venture capitalists. Yet having a child attend school here provides you with the best insights as to why this area is so successful.