Independent media in Russia: what is the impact?

Chernobyl Rubble

Why have even large philanthropic organizations operating in Eastern Europe — like the Open Society or the Omidyar Network — completely excluded Russia from their funding decisions?

Eight lessons from building card decks for diversity and inclusivity

Card prototypes

“What do the Table of Elements, the first IBM computer, and the novel ‘Lolita’ have in common?” It turns out, they all started as card decks.

6 lessons journalists can learn from improv

Improv Class

I want to inspire teams to see the process of innovation as a chance to be creative, influence the future, and connect with colleagues in new ways.

Dealing with the media: Here’s the advice I gave future CEOs at Stanford’s business school

Don Day's GSB Presentation

I’ve spoken to many groups over the years  —  but never one that took such copious notes. Here’s the advice I doled out in my allotted few minutes.

The gift of repair

Stanford Bike Rack

My first class assignment at Stanford was simple: Find a nice, quiet place to yell — at the top of my lungs — and journal the experience.

How might we kickstart the journalism ecosystem of tomorrow?

Hacks/Hackers Connect

If you’re a journalist, and you’ve considered starting your own business, I have five questions for you.