Slow news

Rogers curve

Smart media companies know they can’t do everything all at once.

What should the New York Times do?

Paddy Hirsch

For years there’s been rumbling discontent among journalists about the way media organizations take pains to look after their staffers when they’re caught in the line of fire, but often fail to provide support to the locals who make it possible for those staffers to get the story.

Thinking about starting a news venture?

Adriano Farano spoke to the Knight Fellows last night about his experience starting the multilingual European news website CaféBabel.

Ideate or die?

Designer in Society Class

Stanford’s urges us to work up some ideas, sketch them out on a few pages and start road-testing them. And if those ideas suck, try some others – after all, the only way to find out what works is to ideate, ideate, ideate.

Zen and the art of course selection


Every day I’d get emails or see flyers or hear about a lecture by some famous person, a film screening, a seminar by a leading economist, an art showing or a luncheon that would be great to go to. Except I had class.