Failing flat on my face

Michael Marcotte

No one’s idea is a failure. But translating an idea into a real world solution takes action, teamwork, buy-in, testing, etc. Failure is part of that process. The trick is to get some traction first.

The journalism fellowship as a bridge

2011 Knight Fellows Angelo Izama, Seda Muradyan, Karelia Vazquez and Mike Marcotte

Here in the Knight Journalism Fellowship, despite many differences, we fellows proceed together. The sharing and mutual support is such a joyous part of the experience that no one feels alone while looking over the rail into the chasm of unknowns.

Public radio’s only hope: hope

Vivian Schiller, NPR

Let me try to inject a few baseline facts and a little Stanford-style hope into the dialogue about NPR, public radio, and the pursuit of trustworthy journalism.