‘The scoop is dead’, and other news industry trends

Anita Zielina

Changes in reading habits, economic challenges, new technical possibilities: it’s an ideal situation for media companies to promote innovation and remain relevant in a changing world.

Is pessimism killing journalism?

Anita Zielina at Pulitzer event dinner

Wouldn’t traditional media and journalists be wise to embrace innovation and optimism?

Gingras on the future of news

Richard Gingras

Richard Gingras, head of News Products at Google, talked about the future of media at a recent Knight Fellowship seminar.

How journalists can use Google+

Google’s social network can be a great playground for media professionals. Here are my top 5 G+ tips for journalists.

Redesigning the thing known as ‘the article’

2012 Knight Fellow Anita Zielinia at Google headquarters

What if we sat back for a while and thought of how ONLINE storytelling could and should look like? The way in which we are designing our information online these days is very different from the way people consume it – and might be just old-fashioned.

“Largely, anonymity is just not worth it”

Evan Hamilton

A conversation with Evan Hamilton, Community Manager of Uservoice, about the problem with Justin Bieber-stories, nasty anonymous users, and why “hotguy27” is not the best pseudonym in an online community