Become a Fellow

JSK fellows on campusEach year, we bring together up to 20 fellows from around the world to explore solutions to the most urgent problems facing journalism. If you aspire to be a leader who can help re-imagine and transform journalism, you should apply for our program.

From September to June, JSK Fellows spend their time on individual and collaborative projects and have the option to sit in on classes, while also participating in special workshops and weekly events, and exploring the abundant resources on campus. Stanford is home to some of the leading initiatives in journalism and communication, including the Computational Journalism Lab, the Virtual Human Interaction Lab and the Brown Institute for Media Innovation. We enthusiastically include spouses, partners and families in fellowship life. If you are looking for a sabbatical or a solitary experience, the JSK Fellowships is not the program for you.

The application period for our 2018-19 class will be Oct. 2-Dec. 4, 2017. Applicants will be asked to propose questions and projects that address some of journalism’s biggest challenges. We will reveal the topics on Oct. 2.

Diversity of background, experience and viewpoints is a fundamental value of our program. Applicants must demonstrate their ability and desire to work collaboratively and respectfully with people with a range of ideas and perspectives. Fellows who are exploring questions in the same area will work together throughout the year, while also exploring compelling solutions to their individual questions. We want fellows who arrive at Stanford with more questions than answers, and who are open to having their assumptions and ideas challenged.

Our fellows have access to classes at Stanford, but we are not an academic program. We encourage our fellows to explore the breadth of Stanford and Silicon Valley, which extends far beyond the classroom.

We do not award fellowships to support:

  • Reporting projects.
  • Academic research projects.
  • Book projects.
  • Startups and founders seeking a business accelerator experience.

Are you ready? You need to meet a few eligibility requirements, then apply online.