Dustin Bleizeffer ('17)

Dustin Bleizeffer

reporter, WyoFile, Casper, Wyo.

Challenge: How can nonprofit online news creatively use technology to reinvigorate journalism and democracy in the rural West?

Heather Bryant ('17)

Heather Bryant

Director, Project Facet, San Francisco

Challenge: How can we help small or rural newsrooms develop collaborative relationships to enhance the quality and coverage of local journalism?

Veronica Chambers ('17)

Veronica Chambers

Journalist and author, Hoboken, N.J.

Challenge: How can new media companies afford and effectively support intergenerational newsrooms?

Brian Edwards-Tiekert ('17)

Brian Edwards-Tiekert

Host/producer, UpFront, KPFA Radio, Berkeley, Calif.

Challenge: How can new platforms for audio distribution and geography-based networking fill the need for local journalism?

Arif Elsaui ('17)

Arif Elsaui

East African correspondent, Al Jazeera Arabic, Nairobi, Kenya

Challenge: How can professional journalism be conducted in regimes with deterrent political, security and socio-economic conditions?

Alina Fichter ('17)

Alina Fichter

Distribution manager/journalist/moderator, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, Germany

Challenge: How can we create a meaningful system to better measure the journalistic impact of public service broadcasters in the digital age?

Frederic Filloux ('17)

Frederic Filloux

Editor, Monday Note, Paris

Challenge: How can we tap into libraries of copyright-free content to deliver contextualized news on smartphones?

Adriana Garcia ('17)

Adriana García

Managing editor, print, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, La.

Challenge: How can we bring the news to low-income citizens with newspaper print schedules diminishing or disappearing?

Clara Gonzalez Sueyro ('17)

Clara Gonzalez Sueyro

Director of user experience, Radio Ambulante, Oakland, Calif.

Challenge: How can we improve the user experience of podcast journalism on mobile smartphones with visual and interactive media?

YooHee Hong ('17)

YooHee Hong

producer in chief, TV Tokyo Corporation, Tokyo

Challenge: Can a merger of Japanese and English legacy media create a new profit model for digital age media in Japan?

Stacy-Marie Ishmael ('17)

Stacy-Marie Ishmael

Managing editor for mobile, BuzzFeed News

Challenge: How much investment does attaining a minimum viable mobile infrastructure for newsrooms require?

Julie Makinen ('17)

Julie Makinen

Beijing bureau chief, Los Angeles Times

Challenge: How can newsrooms collaborate with overseas media partners to cut costs, bolster their foreign reporting and develop new revenue streams?

Juan Pablo Meneses ('17)

Juan Pablo Meneses

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
Freelance journalist, Santiago; Chile

Challenge: How can we find and connect new journalism talent from an independent platform?

Ryan Nakashima ('17)

Ryan Nakashima

Business writer, The Associated Press, Los Angeles

Challenge: How might news organizations improve the user experience while helping fund journalism?

Elizaveta Osetinskaya ('17)

Elizaveta Osetinskaya

Former chief editor, RBC Media

Challenge: How can we create an innovative and financially sustainable digital media for independent journalism under tough political and economic conditions?

Katherine Ann Rowlands ('17)

Katherine Ann Rowlands

Deputy business editor, Bay Area News Group, San Jose, Calif.

Challenge: How can we overcome gender disparities in journalism, especially in leadership positions, so that newsrooms accurately reflect and report on society?

Gabriel Spitzer ('17)

Gabriel Spitzer

Assistant news director, KPLU, Seattle

Challenge: How can public radio journalists transform locally produced broadcast content into sustainable podcasts or other digital audio with impact?

Elodie Mailliet Storm ('17)

Elodie Mailliet Storm

Senior director, partnerships and business development, Getty Images, New York

Challenge: How can photojournalism thrive financially in an age of social media?