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Daniel Coronell

news director, Noticias Uno, Bogotá, Colombia (Senior Research Fellow)

Coronell was born Bogotá, Colombia and earned a bachelor’s degree in social communications and journalism from Colombia’s Externado University. He did post-graduate work in journalism in Switzerland and Spain. He got his start at Canal Uno “News at 7” program, where he became general coordinator of the program. He was executive producer of the National News Program (Noticiero Nacional) and was awarded the Premio Nacional de Periodismo Simon Bolivar, Colombia’s highest journalism award, for a story on the difficulties impoverished pensioners faced in negotiating government bureaucracies. Coronell directed two television programs during 1990 and 1991: “Protagonista,” featuring social and cultural biographies, and “Magazín 7:30,” featuring in-depth coverage and analysis of current events. A show on the Colombian painter Alejandro Obregón for “Protagonista” won him his second Premio Nacional de Periodismo Simon Bolivar in 1991. That year, Coronell also founded NTC Television, a company that produces NTC News, an independent, weekend news program. In 2000, he founded Noticias Uno, the Independent Network, which absorbed the weekend program NTC. The weekend news program has distinguished itself with investigative reporting on sensitive topics, including the relationship between high-ranking politicians and drug traffickers and between the armed forces and paramilitary death squads. In 2003, it was awarded the India Catalina prize, Colombia’s most prestigious for news programs, as the best television news show. Coronell also writes a column for Semana Magazine, the Colombian weekly with the largest circulation.

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