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Gary Wolf

contributing editor, Wired

Wolf was born in Columbus, Ohio and earned a bachelor’s degree in history and literature from Reed College in Oregon and a master’s degree in political science from the University of California at Berkeley. He got his start in journalism as a freelance writer and columnist for SF Weekly, and has been a contributing editor at Wired magazine since 1994.  He helped launch Wired’s online publication, Wired Digital, first as arts editor, then as executive editor and later as executive producer. He created the plan in 1996 for a daily news site, Wired News, which continues today. As contributing editor at Wired Magazine, he has written on a wide variety of people and topics, many of which involve large-scale changes brought about by new technologies. He has written three books: “Aether Madness: An Offbeat Guide to the Online World,” a book co-authored with Michael Stein and published by Peachpit Press in 1995; “Dumb Money: Adventures of a Day Trader,” published in 2000 by Random House, in which he was the co-author with Joey Anuff, and “Wired – A Romance,” published by Random House in 2003.

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