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Guillermo Lopez Portillo

investigative reporter, Televisa Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)

Born in Mexico City, Lopez Portillo earned a bachelor’s degree in communication science from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City and did postgraduate studies at the Instituto Oficial de Radio y Televisión of Spain. He started as a reporter for Nucleo Radio Mil in Mexico City in 1988. Since 1993, he has worked at Televisa, the largest Spanish-language media company, where he is an investigative reporter. In his reporting, he has covered Mexican presidential campaigns, including that of Vicente Fox in 2000. His reporting has taken him to more than 30 countries. He covered the days after the New York Twin Tower tragedy, the Zapatista rising in Chiapas, the Mexican political and economic crisis in 1995 and the rise to power of the opposition in Mexico. He is interested in immigration issues; he walked the Sonora and Arizona desert with a group of illegal immigrants in April 2005 for a series “Desperate Steps.” His work has earned a number of awards, including the 2005 International Award for Tolerance given by the International Journalism Federation for his story on “The Gates of Hell,” about conditions of psychiatric hospitals in Mexico, and the José Pagés Llergo National Award in 2004 for “Red Ice,” a story about the hunting of harp seals on Canada’s Atlantic coast.

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