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Daniel Sinker

publisher, Independents' Day Media, Chicago

Sinker was born in London and was raised in Chicago since the age of three. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At age 19, in 1994, he started Punk Planet, a magazine about the U.S. punk music and underground cultural scene. The magazine continued for 13 years and 80 issues. To broaden the magazine’s brand as well as independent publishing ventures, Sinker started Independents’ Day Media in 2003 as the parent company of Punk Planet. The first title from Independents’ Day Media was a quarterly magazine, Bail, which was designed for older skateboard enthusiasts. Punk Planet Books, a publishing imprint followed quickly thereafter, finding success with Joe Meno’s “Hairstyles of the Damned” in 2004 and publishing six books since. The collapse of the country’s last independent magazine distributor forced the closure of Punk Planet magazine in 2007, but PunkPlanet.com and Punk Planet Books continue. Sinker has won several awards, including a Firecracker Alternative Book Award in 2001 for his book, “We Owe You Nothing: Punk Planet, the Collected Interviews.” For his work at Punk Planet, he has been repeatedly recognized by the Utne Alternative Press Award with 14 award nominations and two wins in 2000 for general excellence in “zines” and in 2002 for his cultural/social coverage. Sinker also won Chicago Magazine’s “Best of Chicago” award in 2005 for “Best Zine.” In addition to his publishing background, Sinker has also served as adjunct faulty in the Journalism department at Columbia College in Chicago since 2004.

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