«Class of 2008

Denis Burgierman

editor-in-chief, Superinteressante magazine, São Paulo, Brazil

Burgierman was born in São Paulo, Brazil and received his degree from the University of São Paulo. He became a journalist at 18 when he was a police reporter for Diário Popular newspaper. From 1993-1998, he held a number of positions including, writing for the Jornal da USP and Invest News. He began his career as a reporter at Superinteressante magazine in 1998. He was an editor from 2000-2005 and in mid-2005, became the editor-in-chief. During his career at the magazine, he received eight nominations and four awards from the Prêmio Abril de Jornalismo. He also received a bronze medal from Prêmio Malofiej in Spain. He is the author of the 2003 book, “Piratas no Fim do Mundo,” which explores the issues of whales, whaling in Antartica, and direct action environmentalism.

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