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Class of 2012Top row: Mary Beth Boch (selection coordinator), Djordje Padejski, Pam Maples (innovation director), Aaron Huey, Justin Ferrell, Anita Zielina, Judith Torrea, Masood Farivar
Second row: Beth Daley, Hu Ben, Claudia Núñez, Deepa Fernandes, Emad Mekay, Girma Fantaye, Jorge Imbaquingo, Michelle Holmes, Sara Tollefson (web content coordinator).
Third row: Robin Evans (marketing manager), Dawn Garcia (deputy director), Liz McClure, Teresa Bouza, Martyn Williams, John J. Walker (web designer), Jim Bettinger (director)
Front row: Kit Miller (language coach), T. Christian Miller, Chloe Veltman, Katy Newton, Mike Gallagher (events/resources coordinator), Erika Bartsch (administrative manager)

Fellows are listed alphabetically with information from their fellowship year.

Teresa Bouza ('12)

Teresa Bouza

Senior correspondent, Agencia EFE, Washington, D.C.

Beth Daley ('12)

Beth Daley

Environment reporter, Boston Globe, Providence, R.I.

Girma Fantaye ('12)

Girma Fantaye

Deputy editor in chief, Addis Neger, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Masood Farivar ('12)

Masood Farivar

Radio journalist and manager, Kabul, Afghanistan

Deepa Fernandes ('12)

Deepa Fernandes

Journalist, founder, People's Production House, New York, N.Y.

Justin Ferrell ('12)

Justin Ferrell

Director of digital, mobile and new product design, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

Michelle Holmes ('12)

Michelle Holmes

Editor, SouthtownStar and Joliet Herald-News, Tinley Park, Ill.

Hu Ben ('12)

Hu Ben

Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow
Journalist, Southern Weekend, Guangzhou, China

Aaron Huey ('12)

Aaron Huey

Contributing editor, Harper's Magazine, Seattle, Wash.

Jorge Imbaquingo ('12)

Jorge Imbaquingo

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
Managing editor, Diario Hoy, Quito, Ecuador

Liz Nielsen McClure ('12)

Liz Nielsen McClure

Newsroom training editor, Seattle Times, Seattle, Wash.

Emad Mekay ('12)

Emad Mekay

Founder, editor and publisher, America in Arabic News Agency, Cairo, Egypt

T. Christian Miller ('12)

T. Christian Miller

Senior reporter, ProPublica, Washington, D.C.

Katy Newton ('12)

Katy Newton

Online journalist and interactive producer, San Francisco

Claudia Núñez ('12)

Claudia Núñez

Investigative reporter, immigration and border issues, Los Angeles, Calif.

Djordje Padejski ('12)

Djordje Padejski

Freelance investigative reporter; founder, Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Judith Torrea ('12)

Judith Torrea

Yahoo! International Fellow
Freelance journalist, blogger and author, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Chloe Veltman ('12)

Chloe Veltman

Arts journalist and broadcaster, San Francisco, Calif.

Martyn Williams ('12)

Martyn Williams

Senior correspondent, IDG News Service, Silicon Valley, Calif.

Anita Zielina ('12)

Anita Zielina

Online journalist and strategist, Vienna, Austria