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Don Day

Don Day ('18)

publisher and editor, BoiseDev, Boise, Idaho

Question: How might we create sustainable, independent news operations that provide in-depth coverage of local issues?

Don Day began his journalism career producing stories for a Boise television station’s nascent digital news operation. Over the next decade, Day moved through a succession of roles in the KTVB newsroom, including reporter, producer, editor, team leader and director. After more than a decade working on the content side of news, Day moved over to manage the sales and marketing teams of KTVB’s digital operations in 2010. It was a leap for a journalist with no sales experience, but Day immersed himself in understanding the business side of local journalism.. In 2016, he took another leap, leaving KTVB to pursue his dream of creating an independent local news site. He launched BoiseDev in September 2016, funding his efforts by operating a digital marketing consulting firm. Day is a proud fourth-generation Idahoan. He is engaged in the community, through volunteer work and service on the boards of several nonprofits.

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