The Social Media Reporter

Social Media Reporter

A guide for journalists on how to use social media for newsgathering.

Using virtual reality to tell science stories

Virtual Reality

Creating immersive experiences that help users feel more engaged with important scientific issues.

Culture + Data = Better Stories

Data culture beat

Using data journalism on the culture beat.

Messaging is the Medium


It’s time for journalists to produce content specifically for messaging platforms.

Transforming media landscapes


EPANow: A pilot effort to help underserved communities develop their own news services.

Securing the future of drone journalism in Africa

Drones in Africa

A plan to convene key stakeholders to discuss obstacles and opportunities.

Samecloth: Stories behind the label


Creating data-driven interactive maps to help people learn how and where their clothing is made.

The Washington Post Talent Network

Talent Network

Creating software that helps editors and freelancers more easily connect.

Citymatter: Data that is engaging


Providing citizens with information that is timely, beautifully designed and useful.

Mind the storytelling gap

Mural Project

Increasing diversity, engagement, conversation and relevancy in Brazil’s mainstream news.

Teaching Pakistani journalists to work safely

Safety animatic

Visual training materials are quickly understood and more easily remembered.

The future of video is vertical

Vertical video

It’s time for news organizations to give mobile audiences a better video viewing experience.

Meet Walter: Your personal journalist

Walter: Your personal journalist

Control how and when the news is delivered to you, all through the sound of your voice.

La Escuela Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante

An online space, in Spanish, for learning how to tell, produce and share audio stories.

Using games to crowdsource investigative journalism


Can the same techniques that made apps like Tinder and Candy Crush runaway successes be used to reshape how we tackle investigative reporting?

Unlocking journalistic innovation


Lessons for public media newsrooms seeking to better engage and represent diverse audiences.

Chicas Poderosas

Chicas Poderosas

Building a network that will bring more women into technology in newsrooms.

Global Student Square

Global Student Square

Creating a space for student journalists to connect and create global stories.

SciTech Talks

SciTech Talks

Improving science reporting in China by helping journalists and scientists communicate.

The news media and mobile publishing

News apps

Newspapers need to do better at serving readers and advertisers on mobile devices.

Using narrative crowdsourcing to find and tell stories

Subway cellphones

Can short crowdsourcing tasks on mobile devices help not just find news and understand data, but engage an audience in a new, more engaging form of storytelling?