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How do we fill the information gaps faced by low-income news consumers?

There is a huge opportunity to step into the space created by news organizations’ behavior that undervalues and underestimates their low-income news consumers.

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How can we implement new business models to sustain independent media in developing markets?

Media outlets in developing markets are in big trouble. What we can do about it?

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How can we translate the best information about race in America to conversation-changing journalism?

We need to find ways to improve journalism about race, racism, and racial identity by enriching it with high-quality academic insights, data, and storytelling.

Gender equality

How might we find new paths to empower women in newsrooms to take on leadership positions?

We need to increase the number of female leaders, role models, influencers and agenda setters in today’s newsrooms.

Track the city

How can city newsrooms track and capture data from complex issues independent of reporters’ efforts?

Helping newsrooms crowdsource and organize documents and context from citizens about ongoing civic issues.

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How might we help journalists confront personal biases?

To cultivate stronger reporting on our diverse world, we need to understand how this human trait affects our work.

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What support do journalists need to build sustainable new media ventures?

Exploring ideas for creating a culture of innovation in Australian journalism.


How can freelance journalists build collective power and support?

Pushing the news ecosystem to better address the shift of media work from employees to contractors.

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How can journalists extract data from scanned government documents?

Building free and open-source tools to capture structured data from repetitive scanned-in forms.

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How can we structure news organizations to support innovation and restore the influence of quality journalism?

News organizations in China need to adapt to the digital age, find new business models and adhere to key journalism values.


How can we make food policy news part of our daily media diet?

Creating a sustainable business model for Civil Eats and, in the process, innovating on funding for all digital publications.

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How can we redesign newsrooms to be digital-first without losing their journalistic soul?

Exploring ways to sustain great writing and in-depth reporting as Latin American newsrooms move increasingly online.

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How can we deliver public interest journalism that cuts through the noise?

Exploring ways to distribute high-impact journalism so that it resonates in local communities and the halls of power in Washington.

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How can public radio leverage its passionate audience to take a more proactive role during crises?

Public radio needs to take advantage of the media disruption to create a more dynamic relationship with its audience.

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How can newsrooms expand their audiences and connect with increasingly diverse users?

Encouraging news coverage that better reflects, and is more relevant to, millennials and people of color.

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How might we promote media entrepreneurship in adverse political and economic conditions?

I want to encourage independent and sustainable media ventures in Venezuela, by developing a journalist-centered innovation model.

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How can we put foreign correspondence on sound financial footing in a digital news marketplace?

I am seeking a business model for sustaining some of the most expensive and essential journalism we produce — foreign correspondence.