Knight Talk: Paddy Hirsch

Hirsch makes the argument that news organizations are trying to do too much in the digital realm

Knight Talk: Angelo Izama

Izama discusses a free-press effort in collaboration with a Ugandan organization to add tracking of journalist harassment to its monitoring efforts during elections

Knight Talk: Evelyn Larrubia

Larrubia discusses a re-imagined platform for online discussions of current events

Knight Talk: Phuong Ly

Ly discusses her online platform connecting California journalists with nonprofit groups that serve immigrants.

Knight Talk: Gabriela Mafort

Mafort discusses her framework for the coverage of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies using social networks and social media.

Knight Talk: Michael Marcotte

Toward A Brighter Digital Future in Local NPR News offers innovation and leadership strategies for local newsrooms.

Knight Talk: Duncan McCue

McCue discusses his online toolkit for reporters on covering the Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Knight Talk: Jigar Mehta

Mehta discusses his interactive documentary project to capture and preserve the millions of videos, photos, e-mails and tweets created by Egyptians during the historic 2011 uprising.

Knight Talk: Seda Muradyan

Muradyan discusses iReport, an instructive, competitive social game aimed at mobilizing Armenian Internet users in citizen journalism.

Knight Talk: Wendy Norris

Norris discusses CrowdTrust which manages crowdsourcing projects through dynamic social networks of verified topic experts and user communities.

Knight Talk: Di Pinheiro

Pinheiro discusses a web portal to engage Latino media professionals, bloggers, freelancers, artists and community activists in conversation and exchange of information.

Knight Talk: Jeremy Adam Smith

Smith explores business models for individual journalists as a way of sustaining journalism as a whole.

Knight Talk: Jenka Soderberg

Soderberg discusses a mobile news tip submission and sorting system to allow newsrooms to incorporate citizen reports during breaking news events.

Knight Talk: Hugo Soskin

Soskin discusses interactive documentaries — those featuring some level of participation by the viewer

Knight Talk: Karelia Vázquez

Vázquez discusses an interactive digital space to improve communications and debate among Cuban bloggers.