The gift of repair

Stanford Bike Rack

My first class assignment at Stanford was simple: Find a nice, quiet place to yell — at the top of my lungs — and journal the experience.

Facebook broke news. Now it’s time to follow the Pottery Barn rule

Broken News

The debate over intent and process and impact on elections rages on, but we’ve arrived at the parking lot at the end of a long road.

How might we kickstart the journalism ecosystem of tomorrow?

Hacks/Hackers Connect

If you’re a journalist, and you’ve considered starting your own business, I have five questions for you.

It is impossible to hold the powerful accountable alone


Brazilian journalists have not yet discovered the benefits of collaboration. We have trouble collaborating within our newsrooms, and with colleagues from other news organizations across the country and around the world

Castro, text mining and my fellowship project

It was digging into a collection of speeches by Fidel Castro that first helped me realize how useful text mining could be for journalists.

Can we cultivate empathy in our country for its marginalized communities?

Messages of Support

To fight back against the widespread bias, intolerance, and injustice in the country, I knew I needed to think bigger and wider than I ever had.

Why personalization will be the next revolution in the news industry

King Collage

The shift in news from a one-size-fits-all model to a personalized model will happen fast and will be brutal.

The future of high quality documentaries reaching a world audience

Documentary shoot

If the combined pay-per-view/subscription model continues to develop, it could pave the way for a wide supply of independent documentary films.

Three Months In: Do I Feel Fine?

Trivia Night

Maybe. Lessons embraced on the West Coast

Deciding the right journalism problem to solve

Great Hall of the People

How finding empathy might help clear the fog.

Sad numbers: what is wrong with Russian non-profit media?

Non-profit sign

I am spending this academic year at Stanford trying to answer the question “How might we secure financial sustainability of independent investigative media in Russia?”

Here’s how newsrooms pay journalists who code, design, and analyze data

Why "news nerds" leave their jobs

The results of OpenNews’ second News Nerd Survey confirm many hypotheses on pay equity that technical journalists discuss in backchannels.

Is your newsroom talking about bias?

Thought bubble

Eight questions to ask your colleagues

News organizations, where are your T-shirts? (The emperor has no shirt.)

Michelle Holmes

On building brands that people love.

An Exploration of Fear


In my first weeks as a JSK Fellow, I’ve imagined ten different lives, embraced half a dozen things I couldn’t do — or thought I couldn’t do — and realized new fears.

How I learned to embrace being uncomfortable


It’s a sign of something worthy of listening and learning.

25 things I learned at Stanford the first quarter of the year I set out to change my life

Lisa Rossi and Dawn Garcia

About one year ago, I sat at my kitchen table, working on my application for the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford University.

Potential FCC move could decrease number of local journalists across America

Broadcast tower

TVNewsCheck today reports the latest in a series of moves that is reshaping local television — and along with it local journalism.

6 things I learned about journalism  —  and myself  —  after visiting my hometown in rural Iowa

Town welcome sign

I spoke with my longtime colleagues and friends about how the business model for local news is broken.

The News Quality Scoring Project: Surfacing Great Journalism From The Web

Knight Prototype Fund Projects

The NQS project I started at Stanford this year is part of a series of new initiatives aimed at tackling misinformation.

How can we offer millennials more engaging ways to consume international news in Japan?

Umbrella Revolution

The smell was getting stronger and I couldn’t open my eyes. I heard someone screaming. “Help me, Help me…”