Knight fellow’s African enterprise profiled

Justin Arenstein, a 2010 Knight Fellow, talks about the evolution of his African news reporting cooperative in a profile on “News Entrepreneurs,” a blog by Jim Breiner, founding director of the Center for Digital Journalism at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. (The article was picked up by the International Journalists’ Network.)

Arenstein, who lives in South Africa, is the founder African Eye News, a journalists’ cooperative covering six countries in Africa, with his partner, journalist Sharon Hammond. He tells Breiner what they learned building the cooperative and how he’s working to incorporate new technologies.

As a Knight Fellow, Arenstein explored mobile publishing models that could help small publishers in Africa. He and 2010 Fellow Krissy Clark laid the foundation for an event that year in Detroit, the “Sourcing Through Texting Summit,” to test ways to connect journalists and under-represented communities through mobile texting.

And he co-founded, with 2010 Fellow and Texas resident Gabriel Sama, Rest of the World Media, a consultancy that brings together news organizations around the world and U.S. tech startups whose technologies can enhance their digital strategy and business model.

Arenstein also, while at Stanford, helped establish the Forum for African Investigative Reporters, worked on an open-source automated advertising booking and tracking system, and collaborated with 2010 Fellow Paul Radu of Romania on Investigative Dashboard.