JSK welcomes fellows from all backgrounds, diverse disciplines

Sarah Alvarez and family

Great people with good ideas come from everywhere.

JSK launches impact partnerships to amplify reach

Barbara Maseda

The new initiative will leverage JSK’s connections, its alumni network, and Stanford University to improve the quality of news and information reaching the public.

JSK Fellowship experience enriches the lives of the entire family

The Rossi family at Stanford

The JSK Fellowships organizes activities throughout the year that include partners, spouses and children, including a weekend exploring Monterey on California’s picturesque central coast.

Longtime JSK Fellowships “Mom” Corrine Nelson dies at 97

Corrine Nelson

Touched the lives of many international fellows and families

Apply now for the JSK Journalism Fellowships Class of 2020

JSK Fellows Collaborate

The application deadline has passed for international applicants. U.S. applicants have until Jan. 31, 2019 to complete their applications.

2019 JSK Fellows arrive at Stanford University

The 20018-19 JSK Fellows

Exploring solutions to the most urgent issues facing journalism