Identifying bias in cable news

Top Immigration Coverage Dates

How are biases in cable news programs contributing to the rise in polarization in the U.S.? Can artificial intelligence be used to monitor and analyze bias?

JSK, Big Local News, Stanford Computational Policy Lab sponsor free data journalism workshop

BLD Police Stop

Journalists from around the country will soon have the opportunity to learn how to analyze millions of traffic stops made by local police departments.

Rethinking journalism at Stanford and other adventures

Magnetic clock at Green Library

A meditation in five spurts.

From viral to sustainable?

A selection of photos from some of the many feeds on Instagram that make up The Everyday Projects

Exploring business models to support a global community of photographers.

Investigative Phishing

Kremlin Meeting

How to automate the process of investigating reporting and identify wrongdoings by all “Big Fishes”.

Stanford’s JSK Journalism Fellowships and Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Initiative join forces

Artificial Intelligence

Partnership will help journalists explore the effects of AI on the journalism industry and humanity.