Application period opens for JSK Fellowships Class of 2021

Submit your best idea to help transform journalism

Zimbabwe’s media quagmire

I will spend my year exploring experiments in local journalism sustainability and collaboration, to support newsrooms in Zimbabwe with new ways to tell stories and engage communities.

Inside Stories

To close out the 2019 fellowship year, each fellow is sharing details of their experiences and research in video form.

Five ideas we need to ‘unlearn’ to build resilient media organizations


What a dance class at Stanford taught me about destabilization, chaos and journalism.

What talking to artists taught me about immersive journalism

SFMOMA Art Installation

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” — Pablo Picasso

Lessons for a creative life

Habits on Post-It Notes

Healthy habits from my JSK Fellowship year that I’ll take with me back to my freelance life.