Application Preview

Curious about what’s involved in applying for a JSK Community Impact Fellowship? In this preview, we share the questions we ask on the application, as well as briefly explain why we’re asking them. Our goal is to give you information to help you prepare a strong application, one that helps us understand why you are seeking this fellowship to help local journalism.

This preview also gives you an opportunity to get started on preparing your responses before we open our application portal on May 6. We urge you to take advantage of this extra time. Once the portal opens, it’s easy to cut and paste text you’ve drafted in a document into the online application form. Our system lets you save your work, so you don’t have to finish your application in one session. 

The deadline to submit your application is noon PDT on Thursday, May 27.

Have questions about the application or the fellowship? Check out our FAQ.  Also, information about fellowship stipends and other benefits, eligibility and more is all on our Become a Fellow  page. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, drop us an email at and someone will get back to you as soon as we can. We are looking forward to reading your application!

The JSK Community Impact Fellowships Application

Section 1: About you

The first section of the application asks for some demographic information, which we use to help assess and improve our fellowship recruiting efforts. We also ask for some basic work information.

Brief professional profile

In 200 words or fewer, please write a brief professional profile. Think of this as something you’d like to have published on a website or conference program to describe you professionally. Please write it in the third person. 

Work history

We’ll ask you to upload a PDF with your work history. This does not need to be fancy. A list of the jobs you’ve held and when you held them is fine. Or, if you have a resume, you can submit it.

Section 2: Tell us why you are applying

This is the longest section of the application. It includes several questions to help us understand why you want to be a JSK Community Impact Fellow and what you’d like to focus on during your fellowship. The questions:

In one brief sentence, describe the community information problem you’d like to work on during a fellowship. (up to 25 words) 

What community are you seeking to serve? Why? (up to 200 words)

We are asking this question because we want to learn about the community you want to help and what led you to decide you’d like to focus your efforts there. 

Tell us more about the information challenge you want to address? What negative impact does the lack of this information have on the lives of the people in the community? (up to 300 words)

We don’t expect applicants to already have identified a solution; we ask these questions because we want to learn about the problem you want to work on. 

What is your connection/relationship to the community? (up to 125 words) 

We are asking this because we want to understand your ties to the community and why it is important to you.

Have you already been working on the problem you’re proposing to focus on during a fellowship?

If the answer is yes, we’ll ask you to briefly tell us what you’ve done so far.

What previous experiences do you see yourself tapping into to pursue your fellowship project? (up to 250 words)

This can be paid or volunteer, inside or outside of journalism. 

Please list any collaborators or partners (individuals or organizations) you intend to work with on your fellowship project. (up to 150 words)

Provide a brief description of what their role would be. Are you already working with them, or have they agreed to collaborate if you receive this fellowship? 

Generally, what key aspects of your project work would you like to accomplish during the 10-month fellowship? What does a successful fellowship year look like for the community? For your professional growth? (up to 300 words)

We ask this because we want to understand what you are hoping for from the fellowship at this time. These goals can change, and do for most fellows once they’ve had some time to work through their ideas with their cohort and fellowship advisers. The goal of our program is not to produce finished projects in 10 months, but to accelerate the work and empower fellows to chart their next steps. 

Section 3: Final items

A  “selfie” video (mp4 or mov file upload)

We’ll ask you to send us a short (no more than 1 minute long) video of yourself describing your project proposal and why it is important to you. We are not expecting great production values; webcam or mobile phone videos are encouraged.


Please provide the names of 2 professional references we may contact. These should be people who can speak to your experience, the qualities you have to be a successful fellow, and your commitment to the community you are seeking to serve.

Employment status during the fellowship 

We’ll ask you to indicate whether you expect to be working full time for an employer during the fellowship. If your answer is yes, we’ll ask you a few more questions to help us understand how you envision managing your job and fellowship commitments. 

JSK Expectations 

The final step you must complete in order to submit your application is to review and acknowledge these expectations we have of all JSK Community Impact Fellows. 

  • Dedicate yourself to a fellowship project that has community impact.
  • Attend a weekly meeting with your cohort, biweekly advising sessions with your JSK adviser, and other virtual meetings that JSK may organize.
  • Publicly share your project work and insights throughout the year, including preparing at least one post per quarter to be shared on JSK’s website and social media channels.
  • Demonstrate the ability and desire to work collaboratively and respectfully with  people with a range of ideas and perspectives.