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Class of 1977Class of 1977 Legend1. James Worsham, 2. Lee Yearley (professor) 3. John Wolcott, 4. Harry Press (associate director), 5. Denise Tabet, 6. Cooley Ashley (spouse), 7. Beth Gardner (spouse), 8. Bobbie Isaacs (spouse), 9. Susan Corcoran (spouse), 10. Paul Andrews, 11. Cecile Andrews (spouse), 12. Josie Harper (spouse), 13. Frank Ashley, 14. Solveig Torvik, 15. Stan Isaacs, 16. Paul Jablow, 17. Kay Mills, 18. Eva Wierzynski (spouse), 19. Richard Foster, 20. Russell Skelton, 21. Mary Locke (spouse), 22. Robert Locke, 23. David Corcoran, 24. Lawrence Gardner, 25. Maciej Wierzynski, 26. Rob Elder, 27. Sarah Elder (spouse), 28. Nicholas Snow, 29. Robbie Snow (spouse), 30.James Harper

Fellows are listed alphabetically, with original titles and employers from their fellowship year.

Paul Andrews
Energy/environment reporter, Seattle Times

Frank Ashley
Reporter, Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal

Claude-Jean Bertrand
Writer, author, Paris, France

David Corcoran
Editorial writer, Bergen Record, New Jersey

Rob Elder
Special projects writer, Miami Herald

Richard Foster
Editorial writer, Chicago Sun-Times

Lawrence Gardner
Editor, Idaho Free Press

James Harper
Reporter, Detroit Free Press

Stan Isaacs
Columnist, Newsday, New York

Paul Jablow
Education reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer

Robert Locke
Newsman, Associated Press, New Mexico

Kay Mills
Reporter, Newhouse News Service, Washington, DC

Russell Skelton
Defense & foreign affairs reporter, The Age, North Melbourne, Australia

Nicholas Snow
General assignment reporter, Deseret News, Salt Lake City

Jozsef Szaszi
Deputy foreign editor, Magyar Hirlap, Budapest, Hungary

Denise Tabet
Public affairs producer, WHA-TV, Madison, WI

Solveig Torvik
Consumer affairs reporter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Maciej Wierzynski
Deputy editor, Kultura Weekly, Warsaw, Poland

John Wolcott
Business editor, The Everett (WA) Herald

James Worsham
Education reporter, Boston Globe