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Top row: Leonid Zagalsky, James Bettinger (deputy director), Christy George, Ed Marston, Rose Ciotta, Relly Weiner (program assistant), James Risser (director)
Third row: Keven Guillory, Mike Zielenziger, Phyllis Crockett
Second row: Lee Yung-Te, Karlyn Barker, Nirmal Mitra, Dietlind Stolle, Kathleen Kiely
Front row: Mario Santos, Louis Freedberg, Frederick Burger, Ricki Green, Romina de los Reyes, Jessie Mangaliman

Fellows are listed alphabetically, with original titles and employers from their fellowship year.

Karlyn Barker
metro reporter, Washington Post

Frederick Burger
political reporter, Anniston (AL) Star

Rose Ciotta
investigative reporter, Buffalo (NY) News

Phyllis Crockett
White House correspondent, National Public Radio, Washington

Romina de los Reyes
investigative reporter, Manila Chronicle, Manila, Philippines (Reuters Foundation Fellow)

Louis Freedberg
senior correspondent, Pacific News Service, San Francisco

Christy George
staff reporter, WGBH-TV, Boston

Ricki Green
vice president/news & public affairs, WETA-TV, Washington, DC

Keven Guillory
reporter, producer, KQED-FM Radio, San Francisco

Kathleen Kiely
Washington correspondent, Houston Post

Lee Yung-Te
editor-in-chief, Independence Evening Post, Taipei, Taiwan

Jessie Mangaliman
staff writer, New York Newsday

Ed Marston
publisher, High Country News, Colorado

Nirmal Mitra
special correspondent, Sunday Magazine (Delhi Bureau), New Delhi, India (Reuters Foundation Fellow)

Leonarda Reyes
investigative reporter, El Norte, Mexico City, Mexico (Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow)

Mario Santos
managing editor, Folha de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Dietlind Stolle
reporter, producer, Radio Rostock, Rostock, Germany (Democratic Republic) (German Marshall Fund Fellow)

Leonid Zagalsky
special correspondent, Literaturnaya Gazyeta, Moscow, USSR

Michael Zielenziger
national correspondent, San Jose Mercury News