«Class of 2010

Lydia Lim

senior political correspondent, The Straits Times, Singapore

Project: Effects of self-censorship for journalists in authoritarian countries and look for ways to help journalists overcome self-imposed constraints in a new media landscape.

Lim was born and raised in Singapore. She graduated from Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree. She started her journalism career in 1993 as a producer at the Television Corporation of Singapore. She then became one of its broadcast journalists covering Singapore politics. In 1999, she joined The Straits Times, the country’s largest daily newspaper. She covered public housing, politics, and relations with Malaysia. She also covered summit meetings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. In 2007, she covered a sovereignty dispute between Singapore and Malaysia over a small island, which went before the International Court of Justice at The Hague; her coverage earned her an award from the company that publishes the Straits Times. She is also a regular columnist for the paper and writes on social and political issues. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills and regularly teaches courses in political reporting to her fellow journalists.

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