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Marcus Herbert

executive producer, Factual Programmes, British Broadcasting Corp., Glasgow, United Kingdom

Project: The cultural, intellectual and business aspects involved in developing a better mainstream science journalism approach in the UK.

Herbert was born and raised in London. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Bristol. In 1986, he began his career as a radio producer for the BBC’s World Service in London. From 1991-1997, he was a producer for the BBC TV News program “Newsnight,” a daily late night news analysis program. In 1997, he then joined BBC’s Foreign News department as a bureau producer Washington and New York, culminating in the coverage of millennium night in New York’s Times Square. He returned to “Newsnight ” and London in 2000 as an assistant editor. In 2004, he helped launch “The Culture Show,” a new weekly primetime arts magazine. Since 2004, he has been based in Glasgow for BBC Scotland Factual TV, a unit that produces science programs for the network.

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