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Paddy Hirsch

Senior editor, Marketplace, American Public Media, Los Angeles, California

Project: An archive of explainers to help people understand financial news. Relying on a community of contributors to gather open-source content, and exploring content creation partnerships with ProPublica and the University of Southern California. Content providers and consumers, who would rate the explainers, would maintain the site.

Hirsch was born in Weymouth, England, and raised in Ireland. He has a bachelor’s degree in French and international studies from the University of Warwick. From 1990 to 1995, he was an officer in the Royal Marines, receiving the Sword of Honor from the Commando Training Center. He served as a field commander and later as Intelligence Officer in the Gulf War. He entered journalism with an internship at the BBC in Scotland. He became a field producer for CNBC in Hong Kong and later was a consultant to the Open Broadcast Network in Bosnia. He has been an editor for Direct Capital Markets, Institutional Investor Newsletters, and the Vietnam Economic Times. As senior editor at Marketplace, he oversees reporters in New York, Portland and Los Angeles and is well known for “Whiteboard,” his video tutorials on financial and economic terminology.

Knight Talk: Paddy Hirsch

Hirsch makes the argument that news organizations are trying to do too much in the digital realm

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