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Judith Torrea

Yahoo! International Fellow
Freelance journalist, blogger and author, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Project: Develop a secure platform to bring together the reporting of independent women bloggers in conflict zones and provide them training and protection.

When she was six years old, Judith Torrea took on the task of reading the newspaper to her grandfather, who lost his eyesight as a teenager in the Spanish Civil War. His addiction to the news taught her to dream of places far from their small village in the Basque mountains of Spain and ultimately led her to journalism. Before graduating from the University of Navarra, she went to work for a local newspaper. During college, she spent a year on a Erasmus fellowship in Bordeaux, France. Torrea worked for  El Mundo in Madrid and Euronews Television in France. In 1997, Torrea became an intern at The Texas Observer in Austin. Her first week on the job, she went to Ciudad Juarez, the city on the Mexico-Texas border that was beginning to experience waves of violence. Torrea ended up spending the next nine years in Texas and on the border, reporting for Spanish-language media and European media outlets. She then moved to New York City, where she worked for El Diario Prensa and People en Español magazine. But she remained drawn to Juarez and moved back three years later and began working independently. She started a blog, “Ciudad Juarez, in the Shadow of Drug Trafficking,” which has won numerous honors, including the 2010 Ortega y Gasset Prize, the Pulitzer Prize of the Spanish-speaking world. She also  wrote a book, Juárez en la Sombra.

Knight Talk: Judith Torrea

Knight Talk: Judith Torrea

Journalist Judith Torrea makes a passionate case for bringing broader attention and support for independent women bloggers in conflict zones.

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