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Liz Nielsen McClure

Newsroom training editor, Seattle Times, Seattle, Wash.

Project: Mine news organizations' archives as a revenue source.

Liz McClure was a longtime successful news designer and design editor when, in 2008, she decided to re-invent her role in the Seattle Times newsroom. Building on her experiences coaching and leading The Times large staff of designers, illustrators and graphic artists, McClure became the newsroom’s training director. She focused on helping staffers learn and develop new skills and on change management. In 2011, as The Times prepared to move into another building, she led the efforts to plan a newsroom for the future. McClure began her career at The Times in 1983, working briefly as a features copy editor before moving to the design team. She joined a new band of artists who would soon create the groundbreaking use of design and visuals that would bring The Times many honors. McClure, who grew up in Iowa, had come to the newspaper from The Des Moines Register, where she had worked for four years after getting a journalism degree from the University of Iowa.

Knight Talk: Liz McClure

Knight Talk: Liz McClure

McClure advocates that newspapers tap into one resource they still have in abundance, right in their organizations: extensive archives of high-quality information.

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