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Masood Farivar

Masood Farivar ('12)

Radio journalist and manager, Kabul, Afghanistan

Project: Build a platform for Afghan and Pakistani journalists and media to exchange more objective, informative reporting on cross-border issues.

Masood Farivar began his journalism career reporting on anti-Soviet combat missions in Afghanistan – in which he took part as a member of the Afghanistan rebels fighting back against the Soviet takeover of their country. Farivar took meticulous notes during the operations, then upon his return to Pakistan he filed combat reports for a local news agency. Although he saw himself as first a rebel, he began to realize that his reporting was having an impact beyond his friends and family. After Farivar earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard in the mid-1990s, he was unable to return home because of a raging civil war. He joined Dow Jones Newswires as a copy editor and a year later became a reporter, covering first the United Nations and later financial topics. Afghanistan was never far from his mind. He wrote a book about growing up in wartime Afghanistan, “Confessions of a Mullah Warrior,” which was published in 2009. In 2007, Farivar returned home to work for Internews Network and soon became manager of Salam Watandar, Afghanistan’s largest network of independent radio stations.

Knight Talk: Masood Farivar

Knight Talk: Masood Farivar

Farivar describes what happened when he was immersed in Stanford’s entrepreneurial culture and the project he’s launching in Afghanistan as a result.

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