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Latoya Peterson

Latoya Peterson ('13)

Editor/owner, Racialicious.com, Washington D.C.

Project: Exploring the potential of mobile beyond devices and interactive public spaces.

Latoya Peterson says she became a journalist in spite of herself. Like many teenagers, she loved video games, anime and pop music. But she also read a lot of books about social justice, sociology and advertising. Landing in an online community devoted to anti-racism, and often critiquing media coverage, she thought of herself as an anti-establishment activist. She studied global business and public policy at the University of Maryland, worked in public relations and market research and in communications for a nonprofit promoting a more socially and ecologically balanced society. But her writing propelled her into journalism. She is a Poynter Institute Sensemaking Fellow commenting on the media. Her work has since been published in Slate, Spin, Vibe, The American Prospect, The Atlantic online, Jezebel.com and several feminist anthologies. She started writing for Racialicious.com in 2008, and is now its owner and editor.

Latoya Peterson

Knight Talk: Latoya Peterson

Latoya Peterson urges fellow journalists to bring interactive news into public spaces.

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