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Maria Lilly Delgado

Maria Lilly Delgado ('13)

Freelance correspondent, Univision Network, Managua, Nicaragua

Project: DerechoaPreguntar (Your Right to Ask), a digital platform that allows Nicaraguan journalists and citizens to easily request information under public access laws.

Maria Lilly Delgado began her journalism career in 1992 in Nicaragua. Her country’s difficulties provided the real-life lessons that her university courses were not. She reported on a tsunami that devastated the country’s entire Pacific Coast and the violence that accompanied governmental and social transitions following a decade of revolution and war. It was a period when journalism was polarized between the Sandinistas and the Contras. She plunged in with hopes of providing balanced reporting. She worked as a television news reporter and producer for Televicentro Canal 2, a nationwide channel.  She covered politics and social movements and later took charge the TV Noticias news programs, anchoring the main evening edition. Along the way, Delgado earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Central American University in 1995. She started her own company, which produced a live interview program called “Lives and Confessions.” Since 2006, she has been a freelance reporter and producer for Univision Network in Managua.

Maria Lilly Delgado

Knight Talk: Maria Lilly Delgado

Nicaragua's freedom of information laws are largely ignored and journalist Maria Lilly Delgado is setting out to change that.

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