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Nuno Vargas

Nuno Vargas ('13)

Executive media consultant, Porto, Portugal

Project: A collaborative tool that enables newsrooms to quickly create stories by using a timeline to incorporate photos, videos, datasets and other elements.

Nuno Vargas began pondering the ways people communicate and how they understand words, symbols and images differently during college courses in photography, sound recording, video, creative writing and communication theory. He has a bachelor’s degree in communication design from Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Portugal, as well as a master’s degree in multimedia and digital design and an Advanced Studies Diploma in typography from the University of Barcelona. In school, he was creating signs and information boards for classrooms.  His first jobs included online editing and design production for the publishing company Editorial Planeta in Brazil and Argentina and designing interactive products  for news and education organizations in Barcelona. In 2007, he helped redesign the website of Portugal’s biggest newspaper at the time, Jornal de Noticias. Two years later, he joined LUSA, the state-owned news agency of Portugal as an in-house multimedia consultant. His work involved the conception, design and content of multimedia pieces, infographics, websites and mobile apps as well as training programs for staff on data-driven journalism and multimedia.

Nuno Vargas

Knight Talk: Nuno Vargas

Nuno Vargas describes the collaborative tool he's developing to enable newsrooms to quickly create stories that incorporate visuals, data and other elements.

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