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Alexa Schirtzinger

Alexa Schirtzinger

editor, Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Question: Re-imagine the article for the digital age. Reorient local journalism’s business model.

Alexa Schirtzinger has insights into the innovative business strategies for local journalism through in-depth interviews with more than 75 news producers and consumers from across the country. She also began working with another fellow, Martin Kotynek, on OnRamp, a protocol and platform for “atomizing” news stories as smaller units of content that can be remixed and adapted to fit a range of different use cases. In both of these efforts, Schritzinger gained extensive experience in using the design thinking methodology developed at Stanford’s d.school to understand users’ needs. During her fellowship, Schirtzinger collaborated with other fellows and organized networking events as well as visits to newsrooms and Silicon Valley startups.


Re-imagining the article for the digital age

The answer is atomization: breaking articles up into small, meaningful pieces of information.


Going Local: The surprising, exciting future of local news

Reorienting the business model by rethinking all facets of producing and distributing local news.

Martin Kotynek and Alexa Schrtzinger

Knight Talk: Martin Kotynek and Alexa Schirtzinger

Martin Kotynek and Alexa Schirtzinger introduce OnRamp, a project to re-imagine the news article.

About Alexa

A former Peace Corps volunteer and whitewater rafting guide, Alexa Schirtzinger found her calling as an alt-weekly journalist and, eventually, as editor-in-chief of the feisty, fearless, unapologetic Santa Fe Reporter in New Mexico. In that role, she experimented with new ways to raise revenue, including hosting community events, while also leading her small news organization in producing award-winning investigative journalism and taking on open-records fights with state government.

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