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Ana María Carrano

Ana Carrano ('14)

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
editorial projects chief, Caracas, Venezuela

Question: Create an audio-based collaborative website to help improve transparency and access to information.

Ana María Carrano has focused in innovation and entrepreneurship during her time at Stanford. During her fellowship, she explored business models for media outlets and user interaction (digital and physical) through visual arts and design thinking. Carrano is passionate about finding ways to increase transparency and public access to information, particularly in her home country of Venezuela, where government actions have severely limited independent media. This commitment inspired her work on two projects as a JSK Fellow. She worked with a developer and a UX designer from the Bay Area on Voyz.es, a platform to enable journalists share their unedited audio recordings. And, after civil unrest erupted in Venezuela in February, she teamed with up with other fellows and a designer to create Venezuela Decoded within a few weeks. The platform is a reported and curated website, using open-source tools, that provides daily summaries of events, a timeline, photos and Twitter feeds, in English and Spanish, from a variety of perspectives and sources in that country. Venezuela Decoded drew the attention of international media. As part of her exploration of designing interaction experiences, Carrano presented an internet art project in an exhibition at the Sub-Gallery at Stanford and an interactive art project during the 2014 Frost Music and Art Festival.

Audio conversation

Voyz.es: An audio-sharing site for Spanish-speaking journalists

Enabling reporters to get access to more sources of information and take advantage of recordings not previously used.

JSK team launches Venezuela Decoded to help make sense of conflicting accounts

Venezueladecoded.com – experienced journalists blending reporting and curated social media to track the truth in an avalanche of information.

Ana María Carrano

Knight Talk: Ana María Carrano

With Voyz.es, Ana María Carrano wants to help journalists record, transcribe and share their interviews.

About Ana María

Ana María Carrano has led several innovative media projects in Venezuela. At Cadena Capriles, a major publisher, she led the creation of several new products including the first apps for iOS and Android tablets developed by a Venezuelan newspaper, three news mobile apps and Tuzonacaracas.com, the first collaborative and hyperlocal website in her country. She co-founded Editarte, an editorial startup, where she edited books on history, heritage and gastronomy. And as the editor of the Jacobo Borges Museum, she coordinated publications that were recognized in the Venezuelan Best Book of the Year Awards. She loves visual arts and designed scenography for a theater group while she was studying journalism at the Catholic University in Caracas.

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