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Gus D’Angelo

Gus D’Angelo

game animator, TinyCo, San Francisco

Question: Produce and distribute interactive cartoons for smartphones and tablets.

Gus D’Angelo is focused on the creation and distribution of animated, interactive comic art for digital media – from innovative story-telling and UX design to creative monetization approaches. His fellowship at Stanford has been a deep exploration into audience engagement: mythic story-telling, game studies, toy design,  human-centered interaction and mobile UX. D’Angelo also met with leading innovators in journalism. All of this inspired his re-imagining of what the comic art form can be in today’s digital media world. He’s now designing an exciting new platform for it to achieve its potential.

I move, therefore I am

Creating interactive and animated editorial cartoons that play on multiple devices

Developing a production platform for cartoonists to exploit the intrinsic advantages of digital and mobile media to return this historically vital editorial voice to relevance.

Gus D'Angelo

Knight Talk: Gus D’Angelo

Gus D'Angelo shares his plans for re-imagining the creation and distribution of news and editorial cartoons for the digital age.

About Gus

Inspired by media giants Daffy Duck, Alfred E. Neuman, Krazy Kat and Oliphant’s “Punk,” Gus D’Angelo has a passion for editorial cartoons, comic strips and animation. As a game animator, he breathed life into sparkly unicorns and rainbow fairies for mobile and desktop games at TinyCo, Google and Slide. And as an illustrator, he illuminated the pages of The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and The New York Times. Ever-seeking the Holy Grail of digital comics, D’Angelo explores reader interaction, engagement, and enchantment.

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