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Kennedy Jawoko

Kennedy Jawoko ('14)

freelance journalist/adjunct lecturer, Toronto, Canada

Question: Improve investigative reporting on the Sino-African relationship. Assist journalists in South Sudan.

During his time at Stanford, Kennedy Jawoko conducted extensive research on how technology is affecting the values and principles of journalism. He explored the state of innovation in journalism, the role of journalism in civic life and strategies for transforming and sustaining high-quality journalism in a digital world. His time as a JSK Fellow further solidified his passion for media and journalism development in transitional societies in Africa and Asia. Jawoko worked with another fellow, Kejin Qian of China, to create DragonLion, a collaborative platform to enable Chinese and African journalists to better cover stories of China’s economic activities in Africa. He also developed training to teach South Sudanese journalists how to effectively report on peacebuilding and human rights issues in that new nation. Jawoko drew on insights from working as a journalist and academic study of peacebuilding theory to develop the training program, which he intends to launch over the next year. Jawoko used his networking and pitching skills to build and nurture relationships with Silicon Valley high-tech firms, foundations and organizations to support media development in Africa. He also engaged organizations, such as the International Center for Journalists, the Center for International Media Assistance and Internews, to explore collaborations on media development work.



A collaborative investigative portal to illuminate the Sino-African relationship.

Sudanese Reporter

How can journalists in South Sudan use technology tools for effective reporting?

Catalyzing change that would shape democratic institutions through non-partisan, quality reporting.

Kennedy Jawako and Kejin Qian

Knight Talk: Kennedy Jawoko and Kejin Qian

Kennedy Jawoko and Kejin Qian are joining forces to help other journalists more effectively cover one of the world's most important economic and political relationships.

About Kennedy

Kennedy Jawoko is an international journalist with a keen interest in global politics and international development. Jawoko first worked as a journalist for a Ugandan radio station, in 1998. He later immigrated to Canada and earned a journalism degree from Ryerson University, then worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He has produced documentaries from Canada, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Jawoko also holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Toronto and has taught international politics at Ryerson University.

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