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Anh Hoà Truong

Anh Hoá Truong ('15)

Science and technology freelance journalist, Menlo Park, Calif.
anhhoa@stanford.edu @AnhhoaTruong

Anh Hoà  Truong has a passion for emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR) and their potential uses in journalism. As he collaborated with VR creators, researchers and companies at Stanford, in San Francisco, Los Angeles and beyond, he greatly deepened his expertise on this fast-growing and innovative field. He then gave seminars and presentations about VR and its applications on and off campus. With the Dutch studio Capitola Digital, Truong co-created a VR experience prototype about climate change. He also soaked up the Silicon Valley mindset at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, sharing ideas with entrepreneurs and investors. And his training in design thinking and acting boosted his creativity and leadership skills.

Journalism Challenge

Q: How can virtual reality be used to tell science stories?

A: By diving into immersive science: creating empathetic and interactive VR experiences where the users feel more engaged with essential issues like climate change.

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VHIL Coral World

How virtual reality can be used to tell science stories

Emerging technology represents a unique opportunity for us to think differently about how information can be presented.

About Anh Hoà

Anh Hoà Truong spends his days building bridges between diverse media and fields. He first worked in a biology lab. But he found his calling in 2001 at a local radio station where he did news reports. He then got a master’s degree in science journalism and has been working since then for national TV channels, radio stations and newspapers. Highly versatile reporter, he’s been covering diverse topics in science, technology, society and pop culture, for grown-ups audiences as well as for kids. He’s now a member of the AJSPI, the French equivalent of the U.S. National Association of Science Writers. Truong was also chief editor at Nolife, one of the main French cable channels dedicated to video games. From 2005 to 2014, he worked as science writer and editor at Courrier International, one of the most renowned magazine in France. He is always looking for new challenges.

Truong gave a talk at Stanford on the potential uses of Virtual Reality for science journalism as part of the mediaX Interactive Media & Games Seminar Series (April 2015):

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