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Carolina Guerrero

Carolina Guerrero ('15) photo: Jairo Criollo

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
Co-founder and executive director, Radio Ambulante, San Francisco
carolina.guerrero@stanford.edu, @nuncaduermo

Carolina Guerrero is creating an online tool kit to bring new Latin American voices to narrative audio journalism. While at Stanford, she’s studying UX and design thinking to create a profile of her platform’s end user. She’s also evaluating different educational ecosystems to identify the best technology available for an online educational project like this one. To that end, she’s taking classes in strategic communication, design thinking, digital humanities, entrepreneurship and storyboarding. Her innovative journalism challenge is part of a larger educational project by Radio Ambulante that looks to motivate a community of Spanish-speaking journalists and storytellers to tell their own stories in audio.

Journalism Challenge

Q: How can we help Latin American journalists and storytellers produce long-form narrative radio journalism?

A: La Escuela Radio Ambulante: An online space for learning how to produce journalism in sound.

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Posts by Carolina

Radio Ambulante interview

An online toolkit to train independent radio producers in Latin America

Helping journalists produce long-form narrative stories for radio.

About Carolina

Carolina Guerrero is co-founder and executive director of Radio Ambulante, a groundbreaking Spanish language podcast that uses long-form audio journalism to tell neglected and underreported Latin American stories. Guerrero is passionate about solving the problem of inequality of access and democratizing the kinds of stories being told across the region.

Before co-founding Radio Ambulante in 2011, she worked as a promoter for cultural and social projects, creating a bridge between organizations in her native Colombia and public and private institutions in Latin America and the United States, for which she has designed and overseen festivals, art exhibits, teaching workshops and fundraising events. In her previous life, Guerrero was an art dealer in New York, a scuba diving instructor in Colombia and a designer. She is the proud mother of León and Eliseo. Her personal interests include human rights, contemporary art and design, science, coral reefs and the Colombian national soccer team.


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