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Izabela Moi

Izabela Moi ('15)

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
Project coordinator, Mural Blog, São Paulo
izabelamoi@gmail.com, izabelamoi

At Stanford, Izabela Moi focused her research on three areas. First she looked at research on diversity for clues to how we might include and sustain more voices in the media. Second, she studied the frameworks socially-engaged arts groups have used to encourage audience participation and engagement to identify ways news organizations might adapt them. And finally, she dug deeply into how and why some local media ventures were succeeding in becoming essential to their audiences. She reaffirmed her belief in the importance of developing collaborations as the main tool to bring new voices into mainstream journalism.

Journalism Challenge

Q: How might we assure the inclusion of underrepresented and unheard voices in the mainstream news flow?

A: Mind the storytelling gap: look for diversity, engagement, conversation, relevance!

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Low income neighborhood

Izabela Moi launches news agency focusing on low-income areas near São Paulo

Agência Mural's team portray their neighborhoods from an "insider’s view," with coverage that goes beyond clichés about violence and welfare.

Posts by Izabela

JSK fellows on campus

Waiting for serendipity? As JSK Fellows, we look for it

Serendipity lead me to an unexpected new approach: to look at things differently. To search for collaboration with unimaginable partners. To think otherwise ... work otherwise, talk to otherwise people. And it is marvelously unsettling.

About Izabela

Izabela Moi has been a full-time journalist since she started working more than two decades ago, and the newsroom of the daily newspaper Folha de S.Paulo in Brazil was her home for most of that time. Because she believes education is the only way to improve social justice in the long run, it soon became her specialty as a reporter and then as an editor. When she joined the blog Mural project in 2010, it was her chance to put everything together. There, she coordinated the work of young journalists on the outskirts of São Paulo whose reports about their neighborhood enlarged her newspaper’s coverage of the city. In 2014, she also helped launch a website that brings the voices of women into the flow of news in the city. Moi believes that a democracy can only be strong when the stories we tell include all voices.

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