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Jing Jiang

Jiang Jing ('15)

Enlight Foundation Fellow
Senior editor, Science and Technology Daily, Beijing

As a science journalist, Jing Jiang has been exploring ways to improve science reporting in China and to  strengthen communication between scientists and journalists. During her fellowship at Stanford, she participated in a wide variety of classes on specialized writing and reporting, video journalism, science communication, science, technology and society (STS) and business, which broadened her understanding of science journalism and science media management. She is working to create an online platform to provide online training and other resources to improve science reporting and help scientists communicate with journalists about their work.

Journalism Challenge

Q: How can we improve the quality of science reporting in China?

A: SciTech Talks: I am working to launch a project to help get scientists and journalists communicate regularly.

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About Jing

Jing Jiang is a journalist at Science and Technology Daily, China’s most influential newspaper focusing on science and technology. For more than 10 years, she has reported on wide-ranging issues relating to information technology, energy, environment and transportation. Meanwhile, she also devotes herself to science communication and science journalist training. She has launched online science workshops, which created a multilateral dialogue among journalists, scientists and audiences. She also organized a series of lectures to students, interns and young science journalists. She graduated from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the top science communications program in China. She is a Ph.D candidate at China Agricultural University, focusing on rural development.

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