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Mariana Santos

Mariana Santos ('15)

Director of interactive and animation, Fusion, Miami
mymarysaints@gmail.com, @marysaints

Mariana Santos is fully invested in helping to bring more women journalists into technology so they can have a stronger voice online. She says having the opportunity to spend this year at Stanford is not only a honor, but also carries responsibilities — to help other Latin American women learn the news ways of thinking and doing that she has gained during her fellowship. She has learned about high performance leadership and strategic communication at Stanford’s Graduate School Business and about how to design organizations with the user-centered approach taught at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the d.school).  She joined an improvisational theater class and learned how to use improv and design-thinking methods to spark creativity inside newsrooms.

Journalism Challenge

Q: How can we bring more women into technology in newsrooms?

A: Chicas Poderosas: A network that brings together women journalists from across Latin America newsrooms with mentors from major newspapers and universities from around the world.

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Mariana Santos in the JSK Garage

It’s a better time than ever to be a journalist

Getting into journalism is more exciting than ever before. There are new challenges, more opportunities for a wider group of voices than ever before, and the chance to build a media career that is uniquely yours.

About Mariana

Mariana Santos helped create The Guardian’s first interactive team and inspired by her mentor, Alastair Dant, she decided that there should be more mentoring by tech-savvy journalists to pass their experience on and motivate others to do disruptive visual storytelling in news. Santos graduated from the University of Lisbon with a degree in communication design and wrote her her first motivational book: “If You Don’t Believe in Yourself, What do You Believe in?” She began her career as a motion designer at Universal Music Berlin. Driven to learn more, she immersed herself in digital media studies at Hyper Island in Stockholm.  After three years as the designer on The Guardian’s interactive team, Santos received a fellowship with the International Center for Journalists to launch Chicas Poderosas. Chicas aims to  encourage and train female journalists in Latin America. The program features a mix of talks about journalism, data and visualization along with a 3-day hackathon to develop news applications and train participants in different processes and approaches to interactive journalism that they can apply in their newsrooms. Santos now runs the Fusion interactive team.

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