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Huawei Ling

Ling Huawei ('16)

Enlight Foundation Fellow
Managing editor, Caixin Weekly, Beijing

Huawei Ling spent her fellowship year exploring what traditional media can learn from the innovation culture of Silicon Valley. She took classes from Francis Fukuyama in the Center for Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, as well as some courses in the Graduate School of Business, including Professor Susan Athey’s “Platform Competition in Digital Markets and Advertising,” Professor Harikesh Nair and Alan Thygesen’s monetization courses, and attended seminars and conferences, including “3-D: Digital, Diversity, Disruption,” the 2015 American Society of News Editors-Associated Press Managing Editors conference at Stanford. She also participated in hands-on workshops such as the Hacks/Hackers Connect meetup in San Francisco that brought together journalists and technologists to brainstorm how to implement innovation. She interviewed managers and journalists in U.S. mainstream media, including The Washington Post and New York Times, and also in new media ventures, including Vox, Business Insider and BuzzFeed. She attended the Google I/O 2016 event, visited Google News Lab and interviewed key people for research purposes at Google.

Journalism Challenge

Google Headquarters

How newsrooms can make a successful transition in the digital age

How can we structure news organizations to support innovation and quality journalism?

About Huawei

Huawei Ling is the managing editor of Caixin Weekly and a member of the editorial board of its parent company, Caixin Media, an independent, Beijing-based group providing financial and business news. She previously was associate managing editor of Century Weekly and financial desk chief for Caijing Magazine. A veteran financial reporter, she is known for her investigative work. Her exposé of fraud involving stock manipulation by officials of a well-known agriculture and medical company in China received an honorable mention by the Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism in 2002. Her report pushed the government to pass legislation allowing class-action lawsuits; the resulting case was the first successful large-scale, civil class action. Now, as managing editor of Caixin Weekly, she’s helping to train a new generation of Chinese reporters in investigative journalism.

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