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Jacqueline Park

Jacqueline Park ('16)

Executive director, The Walkley Foundation, Sydney
jacquip@stanford.edu, @jaquipark

Like journalism, Jacqui thrives on the opportunities disruption brings and she is exploring the range of exciting challenges and openings this understanding delivers the media industry. These include technology, shifting advertising and attitudes to advertising, and distribution channels including the tech platforms. It means understanding changing audience behaviour, the impact of big data and real-time metrics.

Journalism Challenge

Surfing wave of disruption. photo: Daniel Peckham

Disruption. Opportunity. A new approach

Journalism has unmatched opportunities to thrive. What strategies and structures will ensure that Australian journalism can grasp these opportunities?

Posts by Jacqueline

Eucalyptus grove, Stanford University

Life inside the bubble

At Stanford, in the JSK Fellowship program, in the Graduate School of Business, in the d.school, in talks with thinkers and tinkerers, it was a new world.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Park is CEO of The  Walkley Foundation, a nonprofit that champions excellence and innovation in journalism in Australia through awards, training, events and a magazine. Before launching the foundation, Park wrote for the Nation Newspaper in Thailand and opened the first Asia Pacific office of the International Federation of Journalists. In more than a decade as regional director for IFJ Asia, she has supported media and advocated for press freedom throughout the region. She has led projects to support journalists across the Asia-Pacific – in depth in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India  – including developing codes of ethics, negotiating democratic legal environments for media and designing journalism training. She brought together top journalists and editors to establish benchmarks for excellence through The Walkley Awards and to build nonprofit structures to support and sustain the values of journalism. She launched and continues to edit the Walkley magazine and the Storyology festival of journalism. Now, she is seeking to embed innovation in the Australian media through her own journalism and editing, and by working with technology companies to launch innovation grants and with media organizations to build innovation-training programs.

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