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Liz Gannes

Liz Gannes ('16)

Senior editor, Re/code, San Francisco
lgannes@stanford.edu, @lizgannes

Liz Gannes used her time at Stanford to explore ways to use geodata to connect stories and places. She believes there is vast potential in enlivening news archives with spatial data, tracking trends in coverage history, creating engaging story topic maps, and tying locations to breaking news alerts from mobile apps or email blasts. She is planning an event around these topics at Stanford in the fall of 2016.

Journalism Challenge

Geo-news Visualization

Geo-News: At the intersection of stories and places

How can we use location as a layer and a filter for displaying and distributing news?

About Liz

Liz Gannes is the senior editor covering technology trends and innovation at Re/code, a technology news, review and analysis site. She also co-produces the Code/Mobile conference and appears frequently as a technology commentator on NPR and CNBC. Prior to Re/code, she covered a similar beat for AllThingsD. Gannes has been a Silicon Valley-based business technology reporter since 2004, when she got her first job out of college. As editorial assistant for Red Herring, she got to write as much copy as she could pitch. She also did the boss’s expense reports. Facebook had launched the spring of her senior year in college, and because she was the only staff member with a Facebook account, she became the ”Web 2.0” reporter, and went on to cover startups such as YouTube from their earliest days. At the technology blog network GigaOM, she covered the rise of the social web and founded NewTeeVee, a site for news and analysis about Internet video and the intersection of entertainment and technology.

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