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Stacy-Marie Ishmael

Stacy-Marie Ishmael ('17)

Managing editor for mobile, BuzzFeed News
sishmael@stanford.edu, @s_m_i

Question: How much investment does attaining a minimum viable mobile infrastructure for newsrooms require?

Stacy-Marie spent her time at Stanford alternating between doing intense research about the state of mobile in newsrooms and taking classes on everything from the work of James Baldwin to computational linguistics. She also gave regular talks and presentations on the topic of the mobile experience of news at conferences, to tech and media organizations in small-group meetings, and at journalism schools around the US.

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About Stacy-Marie

Over the past decade, Stacy-Marie Ishmael has worked at the intersection of technology and media. As BuzzFeed News’ managing editor for mobile, she led the development and launch of the BuzzFeed News apps and is responsible for developing best practices for news on mobile across platforms. Ishmael, who was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, came to her love of technology as a child, when her parents gave her a computer and supported her curiosity about hardware and software. At a young age, she was setting up Linux boxes, drawing on her ability to reach out virtually to like-minded peers around the world for advice. While earning her undergraduate degree at the London School of Economics, she discovered the power of journalism when she took over the student radio station and worked part-time for a magazine publisher. Ismael began her career as a graduate trainee at the Financial Times (FT) and went on to be a founding member of FT’s award-winning Alphaville blog, contributing as a reporter (and later, New York bureau chief) as well as its product manager and social media strategist. She next was co-founder and editor of FT Tilt, a startup online news service focused on coverage of emerging markets. Before joining BuzzFeed in 2014, she was FT’s first vice president for communities, creating and leading strategies to grow reader engagement.

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