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Barbara Maseda

Barbara Maseda ('18)

freelance journalist, Havana

Question: How might we improve text data processing solutions for journalists?

Barbara Maseda is a freelance Cuban journalist specializing in finding stories in unstructured data. She began her journalism education just as the collapse of the Soviet Union propelled Cuba out of isolation from the rest of the world and the arrival of the internet revealed a new kind of media outlet. Maseda gravitated toward this new world, covering information and communication technologies for a popular science magazine that was trying to adapt to the digital era. She also began freelancing for independent Cuban media, and as the U.S. and Cuba began re-establishing relations, her excellent English skills put her in high demand and gave her a front-row seat to this historic period. But Maseda wanted to focus on data journalism, so she sought out more training and in 2016, she received a master’s degree in online journalism from Birmingham City University in England. Since returning to Cuba, she has worked as a freelance journalist.

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