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Morten Warmedal

Morten Warmedal ('18)

executive editor, Norwegian Broadcasting Corp., Oslo

Question: How might we organize and create new financing and better collaboration of current affairs and investigative documentary projects in Europe?

Morten Warmedal has held a number of editorial, executive and management positions in broadcasting, print media and public relations. He has worked as a reporter, editor, director, anchor and executive producer in leading Norwegian media outlets, particularly in television. He joined the Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. (NRK) in 2003 and is executive producer of its flagship weekly investigative program and current affairs documentaries and series. He previously was executive editor of NRK’s features department. Warmedal has headed national and international documentary festival juries (Prix Italia, EBS South Korea). Several of the documentary projects he has led have been recognized with international awards. Warmedal has taught journalism and investigative journalism at the Norwegian School of Management and Volda University College. He has written or coedited several books, including a university textbook about investigative reporting.

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