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Phillip Smith

Phillip Smith ('18)

news innovation consultant, Toronto

Question: What might be effective ways to inspire and support reporters to start a media business of their own?

At Stanford, Phillip is taking advantage of the opportunity to talk to very smart people about the role that technologies like blockchain and machine learning hold for the business side of media. In the classroom, he’s gleaned insights into the formation of new ventures, entrepreneurship from diverse perspective, and media innovations. And the d.school has added new tools to his design thinking toolbox.

To move his JSK question forward, Phillip is conducting interviews with journalists who’ve started media businesses, and the experts who’ve helped them succeed. He’s hoping to turn the insights from those interviews into a pilot online curriculum for aspiring reporters who want to start their own enterprise. He’s also prototyping a platform that makes it easier for journalism startups to grow audience and generate reader revenue.

Posts by Phillip

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About Phillip

Phillip Smith is a battle-scarred veteran from the front lines of digital publishing where, for more than a decade, he has provided unsolicited advice to innovative publishers around the globe. For the last two years, he has split his time between leading a small technology team at the award-winning online news site, The Tyee, and producing an international series of media entrepreneurship events in partnership with Google News Lab. Now, he is focused on advancing philanthropy for journalism innovation as the founding dean of the Uncharted Journalism Fund, as well as working on digital products that help solve the economic challenges of accountability reporting.


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