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Xin Feng

Xin Feng ('18)

reporter, Beijing (Enlight Foundation Fellow)

Question: How might we help journalists in China search and use public records more effectively?

Xin Feng is taking a multidisciplinary approach to her JSK question. Using design thinking processes to guide her research, Xin has been doing user interviews and taking the advantage of bi-weekly discussion sessions with her advisor and team members to brainstorm and ideate. Xin has also been taking classes from Stanford’s Computer Science Department and Graduate School of Business to deepen her understanding of the computational and business aspects her project involves. While Xin had long buried her desires to learn drawing and waltz, she was thrilled to have finally realized her passions in the friendly Palo Alto community.

Posts by Xin

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About Xin

Feng was most recently a reporter with China Central Television’s English News Channel, where she specialized in in-depth reporting on public affairs and business. Her coverage ranged from high-profile political events and economic activities to the daily life of ordinary citizens in China. In 2016, she initiated a cross-country reporting series, “Rural Recovery,” probing the impact of the country’s rapid economic gains on rural China. During her time with CCTV NEWS, she also led a production team to launch a weekly business feature program, “New Money,” which explored innovative Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs. The show was among the earliest in the country to employ augmented reality presentations in studio discussions. Prior to working in TV, Feng was a multimedia reporter for the English-language newspaper China Daily. She created the country’s first bilingual current affairs webcast, “Digest China,” which examined some of the country’s most basic, yet underexplored, social issues. Feng also singlehandedly reported from China’s remote Xinjiang and Tibet regions as well as in Belgium, Kenya and Myanmar, producing multimedia stories for different platforms. She has won three national journalism awards and numerous organizational awards. She earned a Master of Arts in journalism from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Science in communications and media from the University of Leicester.

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