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Zeba Khan

Zeba Khan ('18)

independent writer and commentator, The Op-Ed Project, Los Altos, California

Question: How might we cultivate empathy in dominant cultures for marginalized communities?

Through her work as senior facilitator at The Op-Ed Project, Zeba Khan has worked to ensure a wide range of perspectives is included in the media. Khan has trained thousands of women and other historically underrepresented voices on how to own their expertise and make a case across media platforms for the ideas and causes in which they believe. Born in Ohio to a Muslim family, she has grappled with what it means to be a minority in America her entire life. Her commentary, which has appeared in national outlets such as The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and TIME, focuses on how Islam intersects with race, identity and politics in the United States. Khan has appeared on radio and television, including on NPR, CNN and “ABC World News Tonight” and was the youngest person to appear on Intelligence Squared, the internationally renowned debate forum. In 2008 she founded Muslim-Americans for Obama, the only national organization to identify, organize and mobilize thousands of registered Muslim voters in support of Barack Obama for president.

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