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Cécile Prieur

Cécile Prieur ('19)

deputy editor, Le Monde, Paris

How might we combine the rise of paid content business models with the democratic necessity of broad access to media?

Cécile Prieur is the deputy editor at Le Monde, one of the leading daily newspapers in France, where she is in charge of digital transformation. She manages the web editors, supervises digital projects, launches new products and transforms workflow in the newsroom. She is responsible for growing paid content and improving the relationship with Le Monde’s subscribers, and she is in charge of investigations in collaboration with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ). She began her career as a reporter for Le Monde, covering first the judiciary then health issues. She has also headed Le Monde’s national department and supervised coverage of financial scandals and terrorist attacks.

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Posts by Cécile

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